Chris Kissack -

"This is a very valuable text, from which I am sure I will learn a lot, partly because it is so detailed and novel, partly because Neal's writing style makes it so easy to read. I am sure Neal, who already knew Pomerol like the proverbial back of his hand anyway, has also learnt a lot about the region in writing it. It is, for Pomerol, a ground-breaking work, one which firmly cements this appellation and its wines among the Bordeaux greats. It is a treatise on this small but very important commune which, I believe, will not be bettered within our lifetimes. Clear a space on your favourite bookshelf as soon as you can."

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Jon Bonne - San Francisco Chronicle

A new Bordeaux book or two seems to arrive each season, but few have either the heft or the distinction of Neal Martin's "Pomerol"
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Paul O'Grady - book reviewer for

Overall, this is a fabulous (self-published) book that's written in a relaxed easy-going style that gives weight to Martin's honesty that shines through with plenty of off-the-cuff remarks and asides, and word-for-word conversations he has heard along the way that make this one of the best books of the year.

Robert Parker - The Wine Advocate

"The profiles and the history of the chateaux. He has captured it all."

Andrew Jefford - Decanter Monday column

"Martin has talent, time, imagination and original research to offer, and the result is long, lyrical and unique, truly a wine book like no other."

Tom Cannavan -

As well there is useful background, scene-setting and all the obsessive stuff like vintage charts back to the 40s and lists of grape varieties once allowed in the region, but at all times the story is written on a human scale, with anecdotes and thought-provoking supposings sprinkled amongst the analysis. It's a bit of a triumph of self-publishing this and whilst niche, extremely worthwhile.

Will Lyons - The Wall Street Journal

This history of Pomerol is entertainingly recorded in British wine writer Neal Martin's new book "Pomerol," released in December by Wine Journal Publishing. Easy to read and peppered with references to contemporary music, the book will no doubt appeal to the less formal wine lover, too.

Rebecca Gibb -

"Martin's comprehensive, well-produced book is a pleasure to read and may have you laughing out loud in places. Which leaves us with the burning question: When did wine books become funny? Beats me, but long may it last."

Tom Wark - Fermentation Blog

I had never investigated the Pomerol appellation too closely. I was familiar with its big names, its location and not much else. Today, I actually feel a certain intimacy with the region, due entirely to Neal MartinÕs wonderful new book that instructs, guides, respects and enthusiastically drives the readers into and around the nooks and crannies of Pomerol.

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Joss Fowler -

I need to write a book. If I could write one as good as this I would be more than happy.

Niklas Jorgensen -

Pomerol is written and documented for a new generation of winelovers, we who have grown up with totally different references, media and a lots of other passions than wine easily accessible and competing for our attention. This doesnÕt mean an older generation wonÕt fancy the book; itÕs just worth having in mind. And above all; a majority of wine literature I use as a reference and reads it just like that. Pomerol I read as a novel. That says it all. Read the whole review here.

Olly Smith - Daily Mail online

Neal Martin's book Pomerol is a thing of wonder. Personal and impeccably researched, funny and detailed, enlightening and irreverent, it's a gem of a wine book.

Yohan Castaing - The French Wines Report

The Pomerol Book is an indispensable book for all wine lovers.
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Wendy Narby -

Illustrated by photos of the properties and their owners and hand drawn maps of the vineyards by the wine makers themselves this is a fascinating insight to the past and present of one of BordeauxÕs smallest but better-known appellations.